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My version of Bisquick

February 17, 2016

The long hard winter of 2016 brings out the best in the kitchen for me. Waffle, pancakes and crepes quick, fast and easy, this calls for a mind of invention.  Here is something I put together and I use this for waffles, pancakes and sometimes crepes and it comes in handy when there is a crowd around the table for breakfast.


4 cups of Flour (gluten free can be used)

3 tablespoons of Sugar

2 teaspoons of Salt

3 tablespoon of Baking powder



Sift together the dry ingredients and store in a large air tight container and place in a cool to cold place and don’t forget to label it. When it comes time to make your waffles or cakes just add one egg, a tablespoon of oil (or butter) and liquid to two cup of the dry ingredients.  In place of milk I use one half water and one half low fat plain kefir.  This makes for richer and fluffy waffles or pancakes.



There are times I will add an over ripened banana or fresh grated orange rind to the mix. Serving this with real maple or fresh fruit syrup makes the morning meal special.  Chicken and waffles for dinner is such a comforting  meal on a cold winter evening.  When it comes to making the crepes you may consider a little less dry ingredients or a touch more liquid in order to have the right consistency for the batter.


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