This is a fast and easy yeast bread recipe.  The mixing and rising time, depending on the heat in your kitchen, is under 90 minutes.  Not only is it an easy recipe, but adding a few extra ingredients (i.e. olives, nuts, seeds) can change the taste without changing […]

Asparagus Bundles

  I came across this recipe by accident and decided to change it up to delete some of the sodium and gluten.  I also wanted to make it an easy recipe with fewer dishes, pots and pans.  So, if you think you may have seen this recipe before but there is something a little off […]


  “This is a great recipe for when you don’t want to wait all day for the dough to rise.  You just mix it and allow it to rest for a short period of time and then it’s ready to go!!  This is a soft, chewy crust.  For easy clean up, I recommend using parchment […]

Kitchen Crazy Kale Greek Salad with lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

       With all the scary stories in reference to lettuce I decided to make a salad using a hardier green. Kale has a great personality for this recipe and it also will not wilt like lettuce therefore having a better shelf life in the fridge. Make it for dinner tonight and it will […]


      Happy New Year to all of my followers. I hope you had a good holiday season and are now enjoying the winter weather but are also staying safe and warm. I realize we are half way through January and it has been a long time since my last update. 2018 was a […]


    If you ever been to one of those somewhat fancy restaurants and ordered Bang Bang Shrimps, you are going to love this dish as a main attraction on the dinner table. And for those who are having a problem with wheat, I am making this one gluten free with one easy step. Rice […]


    I am constantly carrying my share of frozen fruits in my freezer. I buy it in the biggest bags the market offers. There are a lot of great dishes to make with frozen fruits, but sometimes a sorbet or smoothie is not what you really, really want. So to make a dish I […]

QUICK AND EASY (A summer side)

  Here is a quick and easy side dish for a warm pre-summer/summer dinner. This is very simple with a few ingredients that you may already have in the home. 4-6 cups of water 1 large cucumber 1 bell pepper (pick a color) 1 small to medium size onion A pinch of pepper flakes ½ […]

Homemade Pita Chips

    I saw something similar to what I made and the first line was, “Warning! These Homemade Pita Chips Are Addictive”, My only thought was, “how hard could it be?” You buy these chips in the store and there are so few in the bag it should be a law against such madness. So […]

Tomato with Yogurt Guacamole Dip Recipe

  Avocados are plentiful in the market this week and the prices are reasonable. This is a refreshing and simple recipe to whip up. I whipped this up and allowed it to chill while I was making the pita chips. Although I used the NutriBullet for this recipe you can use a blender, standing mixer […]

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